Jasmine ( Malli)
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Jasmine ( Malli)

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Jasmine or known locally as Madurai Malli, the jasmine flower, is well known for its alluring fragrance. The flower takes its name from its place of origin in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. Tamil women proudly adorn their hair with the beautiful Madurai Malli. Its scent combines uniquely with the fragrance of hair oil and other hair products. Known botanically as Jasminium, the traditional jasmine flower is cultivated primarily in Madurai and in other districts of Tamil Nadu, such as Virudhunagar, Theni, Dindugal, and Sivaganga.

The characteristics of the Madurai Malli are a deep fragrance, thick petals, long petioles, and buds that open at night. The buds withhold their scent during the day and when the sunlight fades away, they release their perfume to float on the air – hence their romantic appeal.

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